Powerful Gemstone Bracelet

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Powerful Gemstone Bracelet - Black Tourmaline, Tourmilinated Quartz, Moonstone, Garnet, Smokey Quartz, Grey Chrysoberyl Cats Eye


About The Stones:

Black Tourmalinated Quartz: This crystal combines two very powerful stones – black tourmaline and clear quartz. This helps create a powerful healing energy to help restore harmony and tranquility. This stone helps balance the ying and yang energies.

- Black Tourmaline: Powerful grounding stone. Promotes self confidence, and helps neutralize one's own self negative thoughts and internal conflicts. Powerful grounding stone, Helps remove negative energy around you, including electromagnetic "smog" from computers and cell phones.

- Clear Quartz: This is a great amplifier of the wearer’s intent as well as other stones it is with. It helps filter out any distractions while bringing clarity and aiding in memory retention. It also helps one understand any messages that might come through in your dreams. Clear quartz also helps to cancel out the harmful effects of radiation and radioactivity.

Chrysoberyl, Natural Cat’s Eye: This is a stone of good luck and fulfillment. It helps balance emotional feelings allowing one to forgive, have increased self-esteem and improves tolerance. This is also a stone that promotes kindness, optimism, generosity and creativity. It is also a strong stone that increases your spiritual perception and protection again the evil eye.

Rainbow Moonstone: A very feminine stone with a deep connection to the moon. This stone provide psychic protection and helps cleanse the mind and spirit, while repelling negativity. It also aids in a calm and restful sleep. It stimulates love, eroticism and your most passionate desires. Being in tune with the lunar cycles, it helps women with balancing their hormones and fertility, as well as easing pregnancy pains or menstrual problems.

Garnet: A sensual stone that helps enhances one's desires, passion and love. Deepens love within a relationship and increases sexual attraction for those who are single. Also encourages success in business relationships, and business as a whole. Brings courage in times of trouble, or when feeling backed into a corner.

Smokey Quartz: Grounding stone that helps to overcome negative emotions. Helps to increase clarity and concentration, while maintaining positive thoughts. Brings Strength & Stability

Additional Beads:
Silver Plated
Black Pewter (lead free)


- Stones are 7-9mm on an elastic chord

- All bracelets are beads are cleansed prior to being shipped.


Each bracelet is with made with positive intentions and love! And while we want everyone to enjoy the vibrations we receive from these stones, please remember that they are not to be used as a substitute for any medical treatment. They are here to help serve as a reminder as what we would like to manifest, and meditate with!

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