Declutter & Articulate Gemstone Bracelets w/Fine Silver

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Product Description

About The Stones:

Fluorite: A very protective crystal that wards off negative energies when surrounded by hostile, or confrontational people. Can help you become more organized and structured declutter your mind and unnecessary things or people that are no longer beneficial to you. Increases intuition.

Aquamarine: Calming, cleansing and soothing. It is a stone that helps inspire truth. Aquamarine is also a strong communication stone and helps one get over the fear of public speaking and helps one to be able to speak more articulately and with clarity and conviction. It balances energies that can cause fear or anger, to allow you become more compassionate. When used for love, it helps two people with different lifestyles be able to work together more harmoniously.

Additional Beads:
.999 Fine Silver Bead
Pewter (lead free)


- Stones are 8mm on an elastic chord

- All bracelets are beads are cleansed prior to being shipped.


Each bracelet is with made with positive intentions and love! And while we want everyone to enjoy the vibrations we receive from these stones, please remember that they are not to be used as a substitute for any medical treatment. They are here to help serve as a reminder as what we would like to manifest, and meditate with!

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