Clarity & Focus Gemstone Bracelet

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Product Description

About The Stones:

Amazonite: Filters out stresses while providing harmony and balance. Creates soothing energies. Aids in better communication to help express ones thoughts and feelings.

Smokey Quartz: Grounding stone that helps to overcome negative emotions. Helps to increase clarity and concentration, while maintaining positive thoughts. Brings Strength & Stability

Hematite (Rose Gold Color Plated): Strong calming and grounding stone. Helps absorb negative emotions that keep you from your natural state of happiness and vitality.


- Stones are 8mm on an elastic chord

- All bracelets are beads are cleansed prior to being shipped.


Each bracelet is with made with positive intentions and love! And while we want everyone to enjoy the vibrations we receive from these stones, please remember that they are not to be used as a substitute for any medical treatment. They are here to help serve as a reminder as what we would like to manifest, and meditate with!

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