Attracting Love Gemstone Bracelet

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Product Description

Rose Quartz: The crystal of unconditional love. This is great stone to help you open up to both receive and give love. Helps strengthen existing bonds as well as attracting new love and romance. This nurturing stone is also a great healing stone from emotional experiences, worries and fears.

Rhodochrosite: Is great for attracting a new love into your life, whether it's a friend, romantic partner or soulmate. Also promotes self love, and helps move past old wounds and traumas. Allows one to release pain, encouraging forgiveness and compassion towards ourselves and others.

Rhodonite: Helps bring emotional balance, increasing self esteem and self confidence. A healing stone to help clear away emotional wounds, fear and resentment. Encouraging us to be open to forgiveness and reconciliation, allowing our heart and soul to be open to love. Great for communication within relationships to help strengthen your bond, or move past disagreements.

Garnet: A sensual stone that helps enhances one's desires, passion and love. Deepens love within a relationship and increases sexual attraction for those who are single. Also encourages success in business relationships, and business as a whole. Brings courage in times of trouble, or when feeling backed into a corner.

Pink Moonstone: Very feminine stone as it's very connected to the moon and it's cycles. that helps open your heart to love. Great crystal for a new love. Brings out the best in people an emits a loving energy. Helps emotional balance and balancing of one's hormones. Enhances fertility and helps alleviate menstrual problems.

* Non gemstone beads used:

.925 Stearling silver bead


- Stones are 8mm on an elastic chord

- All bracelets are beads are cleansed prior to being shipped

Each bracelet is with made with positive intentions and love! And while we want everyone to enjoy the vibrations we receive from these stones, please remember that they are not to be used as a substitute for any medical treatment. They are here to help serve as a reminder as what we would like to manifest, and meditate with!

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