Aquamarine Threader Earrings

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Product Description

Our super popular threader earrings are here!

Made with 100% genuine natural gemstones, with all components either sterling silver or 14k Gold filled (so those with sensitive ears should be able to wear these with no problems!)

If you haven't heard of threader earrings before - the back of the earring has a typical post you see on stud earrings, but it's seamlessly connected to a chain that you pull through your hole! It's a fun unique way to change up your jewelry and makes a big statement!

Aquamarine - choice of Sterling Silver or 14k Gold Filled

Aquamarine: Calming, cleansing and soothing. It is a stone that helps inspire truth. Aquamarine is also a strong communication stone and helps one get over the fear of public speaking, making one able to speak more articulately and with clarity and conviction. It balances energies that can cause fear or anger and allow you become more compassionate. When used for love, it helps two people with different lifestyles be able to work together more harmoniously.

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